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This is a very simple system tray utility written in VB.Net (2005) to turn off Vista's Speed Recognition (SR) after a few minutes with no activity.

Released History Released 4/28/2007
Added Seconds control and support

Changed Minute minimum from 1 to 0
	To allow for 30, etc second timeouts
	0 Minute, 0 Second timeout will revert to a 1 Minute timeout

Update to check to see if Speech Recognition is running before attempting to connect to Shared Recognition Engine
	Now it SR is not running, launching this utility will not start it up.
Updated to watch Windows Messages to see if SR is started up or exited while the SpeechSaver is running
	If SR is started, then the timer is reset 
	If SR is stopped, then the timer is stopped.

Added "Startup with Windows" option
	If clicked, the app will be added to the user's RUN Registry key
Added application version number to the titlebar
	This makes it easier for the user and me to identify which version they are running Released 4/28/2007
Initial public release


Currently SR is turned Off when the timeout is reached. I'm currently looking into also providing a "Sleep" option as well.


I'd like to thank Rob, Eric, Alex and the rest of the Vista SR team for their help on this project and for Vista's SR (which is a seriously undersung cool Vista feature)

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